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    Welcome to Chameleon GT | Your #1 Office Supplies Partner.   Everything your Office Needs Office Supplies Stationery Office Equipment Office Furniture     IT Hardware & Software Printing Services IT Services   FAST & FREE DELIVERY Chameleon GT Stationery offers fast, free delivery on most orders over 500 Dhs. within our trade area i.e. U.A.E. Orders .. read more

Social Media @ the Heart of the Real World

Creating a real-world ‘share’ button Twenty years ago a personal brand recommendation for a product or service might have come from a friend over coffee or a beer, these days it will regularly come via your Facebook news feed or Twitter. You can now combine the physical world with the virtual world of social media .. read more

Coffee Joulies – Your Coffee, Just Right

Drinkable coffee sooner. Hot coffee longer. This cool looking stainless steel coffee bean absorb heat, quickly cooling your coffee down to a comfortable 140 degrees Fahrenheit then slowly releasing the heat to maintain that temperature Coffee Joulies are a unique bean that uses a phase change material, or PCM, to maintain a comfortable drinking temperature. .. read more