Social Media @ the Heart of the Real World

Creating a real-world ‘share’ button

Twenty years ago a personal brand recommendation for a product or service might have come from a friend over coffee or a beer, these days it will regularly come via your Facebook news feed or Twitter.

You can now combine the physical world with the virtual world of social media to create a unique marketing experience for your brand or store? Radio frequency Identification (RFID) is the newest kid on the block and will be present at all of your trade shows, sporting events, museum and gallery opening and other real-world events allowing you to leverage your audience and to create a much larger and active Social Media
base thereby increasing key performance indicators like EdgeRank, Chatter, Brand recognition, etc.

Chameleon GT has partnered up with Excelerated Apps and now brings to you this unique technology to market your brand across the social media titans

This innovative solution customers or clients will now be able to automatically share their social experiences during an event with their friends on Facebook and other social media channels. By linking user accounts to an RFID tag, card or wristband, guests will be able to post messages, check-in, ‘like’, and even upload photos.

Why should you care about social Media?

Social media has been at the heart of tech-savvy marketing agencies and brands for a number of years now. With almost a billion users across the globe, few have failed to see the potential for increasing engagement with their customers and brands. Research by Syncapse showed that the average Facebook fan is worth $136.38 annually – with some brands seeing values significantly higher.

Below are a list of stats taken from the Arab Social Media Report (DEC 2011) for the UAE. Facebook and Twitter are the most visible forms of social medial across the country and Linked in comes in first for Business networking,


How can Chameleon GT help reach your marketing objectives?

Our solutions are all custom built to address your audience and event and will help you

  • Increase your fan base
  • Market effectively to Friends of Fans
  • Appear on Newsfeeds by 3-4x the Facebook average
  • Target Facebook ads that are 20-30x more effective than demographic ads


Where else can you use the RFID SOLUTIONS?

Our solutions have been tried and test in many different areas including Loyalty Schemes, Theme Parties, Festivals, etc.

How can your company benefit from this?

Using RFID technology, companies can empower consumers to share their experience on social media networks in real time – simply with the wave of a hand. It’s as simple as embedding a RFID chip into a wristband, tag or promotional item. Anything. RFID readers placed around your venue can be programmed to share status updates, images, videos, or even links to a brand’s web properties.

  • Make every attendee an online advocate
  • Improve the attendee ‘experience’
  • Exposure to thousands of highly-targeted potential visitors on Facebook/Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Drive traffic to your website or company page
  • Complete control over the shared message

The idea is gaining momentum with a number of larger brands who have run pilot schemes using the technology. For example, Natwest recently trialed the UpD8r Facebook RFID solution from ExceleratedApps at a recent event for their online Cricket Club with great success


Additional benefits include full analytics regarding the number of posts shared, impressions created, and how many people are engaging with the content and visiting your web properties as a result.


Every day companies are coming up with new creative and innovative ways to leverage RFID technology. If you haven’t looked at putting RFID social sharing at the heart of your real-world event, then it’s about time you did.


Where have you implemented this solution?

One-Touch Social Media Sharing for B2B Events – RFID and LinkedIn

Merlin Events’ it’s Your Party attracts Via Europe and Omincon Europe

It’s Your Party at Madame Tussauds



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