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Chameleon GT is working with the Finnish based Company PowerKiss to introduce wire-free inductive mobile charging solutions for hotels, restaurants and airports across the Middle East.

Forget your old wired charger and leap to the wire-free age! PowerKiss is the whole new way to charge your phone, music player and other portable devices in a smart and cordless way

PowerKiss stands for induction charging for handheld devices, such as mobile phones and, in near future, laptops. The concept of wireless charging is based on an inductive coupling: whenever two components of wireless charging are next to each other, an energy transfer starts through an invisible electromagnetic field. The components are Wireless Charging Transmitter, which is installed into the furniture and Wireless Charging Receiver that is plugged to the handheld device

Let’s go wire-free, lets save energy.

PowerKiss along with Motorola with LG & Samsung are part of the Wireless Power Consortium, which backs the inductive Qi (chee) standard.

The system consists of two parts

The Heart – the transmitter

The Rings – the receiver

The heart is the transmitter can be integrated under the existing furniture surface turns it into wire-free charging platform. When the Heart is on it creates a specific electromagnetic field on the surface of the furniture, denoted with a PowerKiss Hotspot marker

The Ring is the receiver of the wire-free charging energy, with the Ring your device can receive the energy transferred through Hotspot. The Ring is a small accessory and there are different types of Rings, for different devices. There are also color variations of Rings

A high variety of handheld devices can be charged with PowerKiss technology, the list of supported manufacturers include: Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, BlackBerry, HTC, Apple and others

The support of PowerKiss wire-free charging depends on the power connector port of the device, if the device’s power connector port is either Nokia’s proprietary (2mm), micro USB or Apple, it can be charged via the wire-free charging


Benefits of PowerKiss

  • Reduces wastage of energy; many people leave their phones to charge overnight even though phones are often charged within two hours.
  • Each hour the phone is plugged in after full charge has been achieved the charger would usually draw 2-4 watts, where as our device cuts off power supply completely.
  • A charger left plugged in but not connected to a mobile still draws about 24 watts over a 16 hour period.
  • With PowerKiss this amount is reduced to 4 watts over a 16 hour period and hence significant energy savings.









100 chargers in 8 hrs.

1200 watts

100 chargers in 8 hrs.

200 watts

100 chargers in 16 hrs.

2400 watts

100 chargers in 16 hrs.

400 watts

  • 1 normal charger generates 1.5watts in an hour when the phone has been removed and 6W when charging.
  • 1 PowerKiss charger generates 0.25 watts an hour when the phone has been removed and 6W when charging.

Where is it installed?


Thanks to Chameleon GT and PowerKiss, soon you won’t have to worry about your phone dying on you whilst travelling. Over the past few months wire-free charging hotspots have been installed in over 40 cafes, hotels restaurants in 21 airports and train stations around Europe and soon it will also available in the Middle East


Travelers will only have to look for the “PowerKiss” signs showing that wire-free charging is available within. Once travelers find the location they can simply ask for an appropriate charging ‘ring’ from the staff then take a seat at one of the marked hotspots and conveniently charge their phones in comfort.



  1. Sweden Arlanda airport
  2. Finland Helsinki airport
  3. Denmark Copenhagen
  4. Norway Gardemoen
  5. Norway Rygge
  6. Norway Trondheim
  7. Norway Bodo
  8. Norway Evenes
  9. UK Manchester airport
  10. UK Bristol
  11. UK East Midlands airport
  12. UK Birmingham
  13. UK Newcastle
  14. UK Liverpool
  15. UK Belfast
  16. Germany Frankfurt airport
  17. Spain Malaga
  18. France Charles de Gaulle
  19. France Lyon



  1. London, UK Paddington station
  2. London, UK Euston station
  3. Oslo, Norway Oslo Central Station

For corporate, wholesale and retail inquiries across the Middle East please email Powerkiss@chameleon-me.com or call +971 50 8460846

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