Coffee Joulies – Your Coffee, Just Right

Drinkable coffee sooner. Hot coffee longer.

This cool looking stainless steel coffee bean absorb heat, quickly cooling your coffee down to a comfortable 140 degrees Fahrenheit then slowly releasing the heat to maintain that temperature

Coffee Joulies are a unique bean that uses a phase change material, or PCM, to maintain a comfortable drinking temperature. You’re already familiar with one PCM, ice, which is used to keep drinks cold. The ice absorbs heat as it changes to a liquid, keeping your drink cool.

Like the ice, the PCM inside the Coffee Joulie changes from a solid to a liquid and absorbs any excess heat. Since this phase change happens at about 140 degrees the result is a near-perfect drinking temperature. As the drink starts to cool off the PCM starts to solidify, giving up its heat and keeping the drink warm.

Made from the highest grade materials.

As a product that will be in intimate contact with your coffee every day, material safety is our highest priority. We use 18/10 stainless steel, the same metal that is used in the highest quality silverware. Joulies are manufactured in a factory that has been making silverware for over a century, so you can be sure it’s done right.

The magic phase change material inside is a special blend of extremely pure plant-derived materials that are already used as ingredients in food. Even though it’s completely safe and edible, we’re still obsessive about keeping it inside your Joulies. This is why we test every single Joulie for leaks using a helium leak tester, the same technology NASA uses to test parts used on the space shuttle

Made in the USA.

Coffee Joulies are manufactured in an old silverware factory in Sherrill, New York. This is the exact same factory that used to make Oneida silverware before their manufacturing went overseas. We are using machines up to a century old that used to be making silverware 24 hours a day but until recently were sitting idle. Every Joulie undergoes a 22-step process to become the polished bean you’ll soon be holding in your hands.


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Coffee Joulies are now available in the UAE across all major Cafes and Retail stores


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