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NFC Is Great, But Mobile Payments Solve A Problem That Doesn’t Exist

For the past few years, we’ve been told over and over again that NFC will eventually replace the common wallet. And yes, NFC is a great technology. Parts of Europe and China are using it for public transport transactions, and the sharing of content between devices is incredibly cool. And moreover, the ability to ditch .. read more

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Samsung TecTiles Automate Android Tasks Via NFC

Hoping to increase interest in near-field communication (NFC) technology, Samsung Mobile on Wednesday plans to introduce TecTiles, programmable NFC tags that can be used to automate actions on NFC-enabled Android phones. The company plans to sell TecTiles in packs of five, online and in-store through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile stores, for $15. The Android .. read more

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Conference Goers Use RFID to Get LinkedIn

Conference attendees can now automatically send business-related links to those to whom they are connected via their LinkedIn accounts, using a system provided by Excelerated Applications Ltd. (Excelerated Apps). The solution, known as UpD8r (pronounced updater) Business, enabled LinkedIn members attending the UK and Ireland SAP User Group’s 2011 conference to share information with their .. read more

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Turn every in-store customer into a social media brand advocate with RFID

Press Release London 12th March 2012 – Excelerated Applications to promote their leading Social Sharing for Retail at the Retail Business Technology Expo at Earls Court, London on the 13th and 14th March 2012.Retail businesses can now take control over their level of social engagement with their customers with the use of RFID technology. Customers .. read more

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At least six new Visa-certified NFC smartphones to launch this year, say Visa execs

Whilst RIM, LG and Samsung have already jumped on board the NFC bandwagon, introducing the wireless technology into their latest smartphones, we can expect the number of Visa-certified devices to at least double this year, Visa executive Andrea Fiorentino confirmed today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In 2011, the financial giant announced that it .. read more

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Social Media @ the Heart of the Real World

Creating a real-world ‘share’ button Twenty years ago a personal brand recommendation for a product or service might have come from a friend over coffee or a beer, these days it will regularly come via your Facebook news feed or Twitter. You can now combine the physical world with the virtual world of social media .. read more