About Us



Over the last decade, Chameleon GT has been responsible for the presence of various innovative products in the middle east. Chameleon GT was started after a void in the market was noticed by its founders. There was an apparent need for quality, innovative products, with proper support and customer service for retailers.

Chameleon GT brings just that!


We bring in simple, innovative products to the Middle East and create a need for them. We support our partners through intelligence within the market.


With the introduction of PowerKiss, Coffee Joulies and Trustport in the Middle East through Chameleon GT, the future has no limits. Chameleon GT looks to be the market leader in innovation and products that make life simpler!

Our Products

PowerKiss – 

Chameleon GT is working with the Finnish Company PowerKiss to introduce wire-free inductive mobile charging solutions for hotels, restaurants and airports across the Middle East.

PowerKiss in the  Middle East is going to change the way people look at charging and when it can be done.

Forget your old wired charger and leap to the wire-free age! PowerKiss is the whole new way to charge your phone, music player and other portable devices in a smart and cordless way

Coffe Joulies – 

Coffee Joulies are a unique bean that uses a phase change material, or PCM, to maintain a comfortable drinking temperature. You’re already familiar with one PCM, ice, which is used to keep drinks cold. The ice absorbs heat as it changes to a liquid, keeping your drink cool.

TrustPort -

Total protection of computer and data from malware and online threats, The program detects viruses and spyware at all entry points to the computer and prevents attempts by hackers to access the computer. It enables not only the continuous monitoring of files being opened but at the same time also scans files from incoming electronic mail or downloaded from the web.


So what are you waiting for?? Drop us a line at info@chameleon-me.com and let us bring you INNOVATION!